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18 avril 2011

The law court (anglais)

Located in the heart of Paris, on the Ile de la Cité, the law court occupies more than
4 hectares in ground and is extended to the floors in over nearly 200 000 square meters. Inside, there are about 24 km of corridors, 7000 doors and more than 3150 windows.

4000 magistrates and civil servants are working there regularly. Counting all the jurists, lawyers, policemen, persons subject to trial, tourists, busybody who enter in the lawcourt in a day, we reach an average of 15 000 people a day.

For several decades, the gendarmerie is responsible for lawcourt's security and significantly contributes to the good functionning of juridictional activities of the Supreme Court of Appeal, the Court of appeal and the High Court.

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