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04 juin 2008

Plant and Animal Symbols

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Plant Symbols

In the beginning, Justice had to be rendered on "the Mountain", at the summit of which a sacred space was defined in the shade of an oak, which symbolized the communication between heaven and earth.

This symbolism enabled the defendant to accept the Judge's decision more easily.

The presence of the oak is mostly represented by Saint-Louis, who, according to tradition, always meted out justice under an oak tree.

It is also symbolized by the May tree, an oak which, until the Revolution in 1789, was planted in the Palace courtyard on the first of May every year.

The pine cone is another symbol found in various places in the Palace. The only explanation would be the pine cone that decorates the tip of the scepter of Bacchus, that of the "Truth revealed". We also find the pine cone ...



Saint-Louis under an Oak Tree


The serpent : Symbol of Prudence

Animal Symbols

The serpent represents prudence and wisdom in the Palace. It is represented alone, or rampant on a shield or coiled around a mirror, in which case it symbolizes the link between prudence and truth.

The last animal represented is the lion, the symbol of power, royal power. It has always been represented supporting the throne of Kings since the time of Solomon. It can therefore be seen on the statue of Saint-Louis, and in various places in the Palace.



Lion at the bottom of the Steps of the Rue de Harlay


The Vestibule of Harlay






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