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25 juin 2008


symboles en français symboles en espagnol

If we take the aesthetics of the German philosopher Hegel as a reference, we may consider that architecture, like all other forms of art, is a language, and monuments are thus symbolic representations that enable communication between men.

In this way, cathedral architecture (elevation, stained-glass windows) magnifies the cult of Christianity. The architecture of the Egyptian temples symbolizes the meeting with the divine (as we penetrate further into the building, the light and the size of the rooms decreases until we reach the Holy of Holies, the "Naos" where we find the statue of God). The architects of the Palais de la Cité through the centuries tried to respect its sacred character. The symbols that decorate the rooms and the galleries of the law Courts are the expression of this place where Justice is meted out. They are extremely varied, and can be divided into the following groups:


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