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11 juin 2008

Assize Court






The Harlay Hall opens onto the place Dauphine, giving access to the Assize Court. This courtroom was built in the XIXth century by the architects Duc et Dommey. It is lit by seven high windows, and the lower parts of the walls are covered with oak paneling, with the higher parts covered by tapestries.This is the seat of the criminal court consisting of professional magistrates and jurors, and its decoration includes a number of symbols that recall this function.






Courtroom of the Assize Court opening onto the Harlay Hall. Architecture and decoration by the architects Duc and Dommey.



Lower part

Lower part of the Assize Court. At the back you can see the magistrates' office, and on the right the defendants' box. At the back on the left is the office of the assistant public prosecutor.




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